About Us

Precision marketing to members of online business communities

WordZone’s CEO Dave Sumner Smith View LinkedIn Profile originally used traditional media to run business communities such as The Sunday Times Enterprise Network in the UK & Ireland and The Daily Telegraph Business Club. These involved weekly pages in the newspapers, together with conferences, newsletters, websites and magazines.

The business moved into the field of social media when it launched The Business Technology Forum (TBTF) group for Oracle on LinkedIn in May 2010. The rapid success of this group led on to a series of other groups for Oracle and other multinational Fortune 500 clients including The Wall Street Journal.

These online communities attracted a self-selecting group of business professionals who are (by definition) responsive to online media. WordZone built upon this fact to run precisely targeted direct marketing campaigns to carefully-selected members of these various groups.

This is within LinkedIn Terms of Service because it is a manual process targeted just at members of the groups we manage. The email campaigns are relatively small scale, with precisely targeted audiences of 250 – 2,000 people. Because these recipients are interested in the content, wastage levels are very low and response levels exceptionally high.

LinkedIn no longer permits Announcements to be sent to the entire membership of any group, but WordZone is well positioned to continue its precision marketing for its existing clients – as well as assisting owners of other LinkedIn groups.

It is now actively involved in similar groups on the Facebook platform too.