LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn Services

WordZone offers:

  • Custom Publishing of Managed Groups – Establishing, managing & building membership for new groups created on behalf of clients.

Customer Concepts ExchangeMission Critical SystemsThe Business Technology Forum

These use a well-proved business model for:

MODERATION – controlling who joins the group & what they say
Moderation involves checking all membership applications to ensure only genuine people of an appropriate profile are admitted to membership of the group. It also involves reading all submissions to the group to check they are suitable and will appear in the correct section. Some submissions are inappropriate and are rejected. In other cases, the moderator will suggest amendments that are necessary prior to publication. Such work takes place at least every day and will grow to several times each day as the group grows in scale and levels of activity.

EVANGELISM – ensuring the group is lively and interesting to its members
Evangelism ensures the group has a steady stream of new content, discussions and member interaction. At least one evangelist is responsible for visiting the group at least every day and usually two or three times each day as the group grows in scale and levels of activity. They use their knowledge of the topic to stimulate discussions, either through posting new discussion threads or responding to discussion threads started by other members.

ACQUISITION – attracting the correct type of people to join the group
The initial phases of acquisition revolve around desk research to identify and recruit as group members ‘mavens’. These are trusted experts and have a disproportionate influence on other members of the network, particularly when working in collaboration with ‘connectors’ with a wide network of casual acquaintances. The group is then built through carefully targeted, manual membership acquisition activity focused primarily on members of other relevant LinkedIn groups who fit the target audience profile.